Customer Feedback Essay

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Customer Feedback
Many ideas explain why feedback does not satisfy a company’s needs. This paper will cover topics that researchers found to improve customer feedback. The major themes are survey methods, survey fatigue, and interpreting surveys. Data will be gathered from scholarly and unscholarly peer-reviewed journals. The articles demonstrated an application of knowledge to understand usable customer feedback.
This paper will concentrate on revealing why businesses are dissatisfied with customer feedback and strategies a business can focus to improve customer feedback. We will
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Tired or bored participants often answer "don't know”, give more superficial answers, or stop answering the questionnaire. Surveying customers has risen in popularity with companies and professional researchers and customers are complaining about survey fatigue (Stewart, 2002). What once was a simple card that was filled and dropped off at the store has now turned to social media, telephone calling, text messages sent to cell phones, and online surveys (Bronx, 2012; Pecoraro, 2012; Purdy, 2013, U.S. Government, 2013). Feedback has become uncontrollable asking for customer opinion; from phone calls, emails, letters, and regular mail (Purdy, 2013). Customer’s complaints about the surveys included that they are too busy, was too lengthy, and asked too many personal questions (Voakes & College, 2012). Companies that want to administer feedback questionnaire need to remember that customers feel near-exhaustion when they encounter survey fatigue (Voakes & College, 2012). Viveiros (2013) states that survey fatigue is a developing issue for businesses.
Interpreting surveys is the act of understanding the data that has been inputted from the customer. In today’s technology-driven world, customers desire to have their voices heard immediately (Bronx, 2012). Businesses should focus on using technology to collect and interpret feedback and develop business in real time (Bronx, 2012). Feedback

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