Essay Customer Feedback And Work Environment

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Employees are the strong carriers of company’s product sales to their customer. For an employee, serving his customer needs significant learning about the product and how it functions. An employee must maintain the data with respect to each printing product in order to facilitate the customer with a quick service. A happy customer brings in more customers. Employees should maintain a backlog of all regular activities such as number of customers per day, what time they walk in, most marketable item, customer feedback and work environment. These activities will let the employees know what needs to be improved, which product needs re-assessment, the lag in customer service and how to improvise their work environment to attract more customers. An employee’s responsibility is to follow the “DO” of the cycle, Plan Do Check Act (PDCA).
Julie Martinez gets a daily report of total sales which are further broken into cash sales, credit sales and credit card sales. Cash sales and credit card sales provide details such as, cash collected, type of products sold, sales tax collected and quantity of products sold. This will help Julie anticipate what product is attracting more customers in the area of operation. She does not have information about operating expenses in every line of business. Julie should acquire a report on operating expenses which include labor, equipment, material and customer services. This report will help her in proposing the requirement for another retail store. Few…

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