Essay on Customer Evaluation on Street Food.

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Customer evaluation of street food in Dhaka City

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S M Asif Ur Rahman
Asst. Professor
School of Business
United International University

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Section: C
Group members: Trimester: Fall2014
Sl No. Name ID Class Serial
1 RaufunNaher 111133004 24
2 IsratJahanEme 111133169 31
3 ShathiAkther 111133053 26
4 ShahrinBinteSiraj 111131104 07
5 PialySaha 111131067 06

Date of submission: 28thDecember, 2014

S M Asif Ur Rahman
Asst. Professor
School of Business
United International University

Subject: Submission of term paper on “Customer evaluation of street food
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Collected information through survey 13
3.1Favorite Items in Street Food: 13
3.2 Why people eat street foods: 14
3.3 Price of street food: 15
3.4 Place of street food: 16
3.5 Eating season of street food: 17
3.6 Eating time of street food: 18
3.7 Test of street food: 19
3.8 Affect in our health: 20
3.9 Recommend to their relatives and friends: 21
3.10 People mostly like street food Male/Female: 22
3. 11 Different kinds of area which people eat street foods: 23
4. Conclusion: 24
5. Recommendation and suggestion: 24

Executive Summary

Street food means where people eat various kinds of foods in road side by seating and standing. There are many kinds of street foods such as- fuchka, chotpoti, rool, kabab, sandwich, fruits, fruit’s juice, tea, coffee, pitha, bakery foods, jalmuri, bhelpuri, chatnee and so on.
Maximum time, we can eat this kinds of foods in road side. Salesman are staying a specific place or not and they have a small kind of shop. Maximum time they make this food in their home and try to make it tasty, delicious. Try to serve it very quickly to their customers.
We can find street food on our nearby such as- school side, college side, university side, beside shopping mall, park, office side, lake side, popular place etc. Students, service holder, business man, housewife all kind of people eat street food. Now-a-days these kinds of foods are very popular. People eat here and there once in a week more. Among all the

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