Customer Care Essay for Alpha Computer Services

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Customer Care

In todays competitive environment, the issue of customer relations has become ever more important. With such wide choices available to the customer, the slightest dissatisfaction can easily result in customer taking their business else where. There are many methods available for an organisation to establish and maintain positive relationships with customer to help them retain their business.
Communication is one of the most important methods as it covers many aspects of customer interaction. Having good communications with customers greatly improves relations with them.This bond is created when customers know that the organisation is: Competent Confident Concerned about them Communicates with them
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It is important that the staff identify if the customer has a special need so they can adapt the service technique, failure to do so may look ignorant to the customer. If dealing with a customer with a hearing impairment, staff should always face the customer when speaking, keep their normal speech speed and pattern and do not raise their voice. To attract the attention of the customer they should lightly tap them on the shoulder. Finally if communication is proving quite hard staff should write down what has to be said. When dealing with someone who has a visual impairment it is important that the staff emphasises with their speech. If the customer is blind then they will not be able to read the body language of the staff. The staff member should be very helpful to the customer, asking the customer if the can help or assist them in any manner. Customer who are partially sighted can be communicated through the use of clear body language and gestures. The company may want to consider using braille in booklets and leaflets to be more accommodating to the customer. If the customer has a speech impairment which may include the customer stammering or indistinct speech. Staff should remain patient and seem understanding and definitely not to finish the customer sentence. If the customer

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