Customer Analysis Essay

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Customer Analysis Top Shelf is a very unique marketed suitcase and gym bag that will influence the world. Just as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok did. The Top Shelf Research and Development team will focus R&D on the prospective areas where there is an great quantity of our target customers, and athletes/professionals. In addition, Top Shelf will be very careful with the prices of our products in regard to our target customers' spending behavior and income levels. Top Shelf will also be monitoring our contenders/competition pricing for the competitive advantage. As an outcome Top Shelf is a new inclination in the market.
Need Analysis These values can overlap across all of our targets. The first targets for our suitcase are
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A custom design bag allows active consumers to bring all their necessities without the need to carry multiple bags. Furthermore, a custom bag allows the consumers to choose what sort of colors and design to fit their personality and style. These target consumers also want a gym bag that is made out of quality material. They do not want a weak material that can show signs of wear and tear after only a few usages. They want a bag that is durable and strong. Also, these consumers need a bag that they can remove to wash and clean easily. It is no surprise that after a workout, gym members may place their dirty clothes and shoes inside their bags. These bags later would get dirty and emit distinct odor. With removable compartments, our targets will love how they can clean their bags and have the bag smelling like new. Our other targets are travelers. Travelers can be anyone who would take trips locally or internationally. Aside from wanting a bag that is convenient, practical, suits their style and is made out of good quality, they also want to save money. Unless these trips are paid business trips, these consumers must pay out of pocket to take these travels. With most airlines charging a service fee for checking bags onto the plane, the last thing consumers want to do is spend more using this service. These consumers want a small bag that they can use as a carry-on inside the

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