Curve : Showing Reservoir Flow Direction Essays

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Curve: showing reservoir flow direction
Most of the computer programs are essential as they allow multiple forecasting hence giving a sensitive analysis especially on computed variables. It uses harmonic and hyperbolic approaches covering forecast having upside projection and useful facility designs. It requires to determine appropriate measures from the production restricting on the computation data (Hansen & Espedal, 2000). Fields under pump producing high volumes of water and linear relationship helps in reflecting harmonic decline. Furthermore, exponential decline are provided through plotting a graph showing production decline relating on amount from reservoir.
Reservoir drive mechanisms
Reservoir drive mechanisms are essential in supplying energy that moves hydrocarbon in the reservoir toward the wellbore. There are five drive mechanism approaches that are common being water drive, gas expansion, solution gas, and rock or compaction drive and gravity drainage. These mechanisms occurs individually or in combination. Drive mechanism have recovery efficiencies characteristics that are expected to be determined depending on the given reservoir.
Strong water drive is essential in determination and provision of good pressure that is supported from aquifer at the wellbore having minimal pressure drop. Aquifer water under pressure have to expand slightly, hence displacing oil or gas that is in the reservoir toward borehole where the pressure drops. The mechanism only exists…

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