Prejudice And Racism: A Part Of American Culture

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Racism has been a part of American culture for over 400 years. With the abolishment of slavery in 1865 and the official ending of segregation in 1964, it can be argued that much of white America continues to be one with racism. Although subtle and passive in most cases, racism is very much a consistent influence in our society. Examples of this is readily seen in our judicial system and supported through mainstream media. Race, along with economic status, are two prevailing factors of influence determining what we hear, perceive and understand about ourselves and others. Although we would like to believe that these discriminations are no longer at the core of this country, we have no other choice but to accept the evidence presented before …show more content…
Some systems are set up to promote white privilege and racism. Our judicial courts play a role in these injustices and the media has been instrumental in creating stigmas for people of color and seeks to protect those of the perceived dominate white race. These ideals and paradigms have consisted throughout generations and have continued into the minds of our children. In a recent video captured on Christmas Day of this year, two white young girls around the ages of four and three, were given black dolls as a gift. Upon opening the gifts the oldest immediately expressed dismay, but stated that she liked it so as not to cause offense. Sadly, it appears that she has already been taught to pretend that her prejudice is does not exist. The youngest, however was not able to disguise her disappointment and began to scream and cry while tossing the doll from her presence. The parents videotaping their daughter’s reactions found this display of prejudice amusing, evident by the loud laughter throughout the short video. This is far from being humorous and shows the exact replication of racism and white privilege that this country teaches and perpetuates with every generation. One can only hope that with education and exposure with the intent to create true social equality, this horrific mindset will be eliminated in our

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