Curriculum, Teaching, Instruction, And Testing Essay example

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“Philosophy enters into every important decision about curriculum, teaching, instruction, and testing” (Powell, 2015). Every person on the planet has their personal philosophies in life about a sundry of subjects. These philosophies invade their everyday life and influence what the person does on a daily basis. A teacher’s philosophy about their classroom not only influences their livelihood, but also impacts the lives of their students. If they do not follow the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, however, the learning process for a large amount of students can be altered and impaired.
A strong and ideal classroom is one that involves all students in the process of learning. There should be a strong relationship between the students and the teacher to give the students the motivation to succeed. Although the teacher does have control over their classroom, there is also the possibility for ideas, inspiration, and risk-taking. While each student is a participant in the class as a whole, they also learn to be their own individual. This type of classroom promotes group work and leadership in the students. The learners are active in their pursuit of knowledge, and because of their interactions with their peers and teachers they begin to develop their own philosophies. An ideal classroom should allow for critical thinking and promote several different teaching and learning techniques for the students to achieve the goals of the class. The teacher should have…

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