Curriculum Evaluation Essay

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Curriculum Evaluation
For this assignment, I intend to evaluate the Level 2 Diploma in bricklaying as it is my own specialist area. I will be discussing the theories and models of curriculum, influences on the design, evaluation and quality assurance systems. I will also evaluate the level 2 Diploma and discuss proposals for improvement. I currently teach at a HMP Moorland where I permanently deliver the bricklaying diploma alongside my colleague.
When curriculum development is being considered, Vashist (2003:1) states that the development of curriculum has been ‘conditioned’ by certain influences. Firstly, the subject matter is an obvious influence, then the course content and the influence of quantitative standards. Kelly (2004:2)
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Numeracy is an essential skill used in the construction industry. Learners should be taught how to calculate materials, calculate angles, convert measurements etc. Walkerdine (1990:94) states that...
Numeracy represents the use of mathematical concepts in known and familiar settings which facilitate their performance.
As this qualification is delivered at a level 2, the learners should be using more challenging calculations such as calculating areas to work out the correct quantity of materials.
Literacy is incorporated into the curriculum and the learner’s work as they must read the questions, research from books and handouts then answer the questions using the appropriate industry terminology. Using visual aids engages the learners to help identify difficult terminology and the spelling of terminology which could be used on a whiteboard or interactively in power points. ICT is a limited concept in the prison environment. The learners can gain limited access to computers so that letters, invoices, posters etc can be embedded onto the course, although internet access is not allowed and the computers have limited types of software.
Barriers to learning that exist amongst my learners are for example they may struggle on filling in job application forms. Activities that help the learners complete test application forms and CVs have been made available in the prison environment through the employability team, thus

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