Essay on Curriculum Evaluation And Learning Theory

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Most people think of a textbook when they hear the work curriculum. Curriculum is a scope and sequence of skills and concepts in which one lesson builds upon another. In the Curriculum Evaluation Tool above, the planning a design portion covers the content that is taught, the standards aligned to the content, the districts mission statement and learning theory and scientifically based researched material in designing the curriculum. According to Wiggins and McTighe, 2007, “until we grasp the idea that curriculum has no coherence or power divorced from vital accomplishments related to transfer and meaning, we will not avoid aimless coverage of content objectives” (p.44). Related to the evaluation tool, the inclusion of the districts mission statement and learning theory in the evaluation yields a focus to the relationship between what is learned in the classroom and the environment and culture in which the students live. Students’ academic success is not only measured in the content they learn, but also in the ability to be contributing members in the community. The foundation for a successful implementation is based on a well-developed curriculum that is met with an implementation team committed to introduce the strategies, support the teachers, monitor and evaluate the plan. This evaluation tool is successful in evaluating a district’s curriculum for professional development, resources, administration support and teaching methods and strategies. Areas of focus in this…

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