Essay on Curriculum Design

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Curriculum Design for Inclusive Practice

Postgraduate Diploma (PCET) Year Two

Michael Dickinson, November 2011
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Introduction 3
Curriculum 3
Curriculum Design – Influencing Factors 4
Curriculum Design – Linear, Spiral, Thematic 6
Curriculum Design – Ideologies and Models 8
Curriculum – Inclusive? 10
Conclusion 12
Bibliography 14

This assignment will analyse the Business Improvement Techniques NVQ Level 2’s curriculum. It will consider its design and the ideologies and models it uses and those that it could use to improve on it, if applicable.
The Business Improvement Techniques NVQ is delivered onsite at the customer’s
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If this method is used over a short period such as a few minutes or up to a few hours, then this can be adequate. Setting small tasks or micro teaching is good practice although the down side is that without revisiting the outcomes again, the likelihood that the learning is retained is unlikely and thus the overall curriculum is going to be met. In addition to this, if the evaluation is a test, then the chances of passing the test in relation to the learning experience that started at the beginning of the course will be more difficult.

Fig 1 – Linear Curriculum Design
A spiral curriculum design (Fig 2) starts the learning experience at a low level and gradually builds up the depth of the knowledge by revisiting it and adding to it. This is a great method to build up on knowledge and develop core skills. The method can use continuous assessment to eliminate exams however if an exam does occur then the success rate is likely to be higher as information has had more chance to embed itself and is fresher in the learner’s mind. However there can be issues with this method. Learners may find reviewing information repetitive and be repeating something a learner didn’t enjoy or already knows, and then the learner may switch off. The process works best when it is delivered at the right level for the learner or if suitable planning has occurred to

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