Curriculum and Assessment Essay

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This essay will aim to look at how curriculum and assessment are being operated in two different early years settings. The settings under examination are 3-5 year olds and 5-8 year olds. We will start with the definitions of curriculum and assessment and the relationships between them. After that, I will explore similarities and differences between approaches to curriculum and assessment in the two settings.

Curriculum is an integrated system drawing together every element for learning and teaching, including learning outcomes, learning areas, teaching strategies, evaluation and assessment to help with children’s learning progression (MacLachlan, Fleer& Edwards, 2010). Curriculum refers to “all the experiences, activities and
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Assessment is therefore helpful for educators to set up child’s current and future learning experiences based on each child’s uniqueness, strengths, interests and learning journeys, thereby supporting children’s learning and development better (Russell, 2010). The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) states “all children benefit when assessment reflects a whole-child…” (DEECD, 2009, p.13). It is important to note that children are given more opportunities to engage with learning activities as active participants through the process of assessment and these links provide for curriculum development and its validation.

There are three main forms of assessment used by early childhood educators. These are: ‘assessment for learning’, ‘assessment as learning’ and ‘assessment of learning’. Assessment for learning is defined as diagnostic and formative assessment that happens in everyday practices with respect to children’s learning (Russell, 2010). The ongoing process of assessment forms the basis for personal learning planning for use by educators to identify where children are in their learning trajectory. After analysis of the recorded and documented data, educators decide the next steps needed for the children’s further progress (Learning and Teaching Scotland [LTS], 2006). Assessment as learning, another formative assessment, involves seeking

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