Essay about Curriculum And Achievement Testing Interview

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Curriculum and Achievement Testing Interview
A first-grade teacher and recent graduate from college participated in an interview with the author. The interview questions concentrated on the curriculum utilized in the classroom in conjunction with the achievement screening instruments employed within the Allen Independent School District (AISD) to determine the placement of students. In conclusion, the author deliberates on the curriculum and achievement tests practiced in the classroom and proposes a recommendation that offers a more suitable match between the curriculum and assessments.
The author conducted an in-person interview with Morgan Sedlacek, who works with Allen ISD as a first-grade teacher in a general education classroom. Although a recent graduate, her experience includes teaching for two years, performing student teaching and a long-term substitute assignment for a first-grade teacher at her current workplace. On Friday, October 16, 2015, the meeting to discuss curriculum and achievement screening instruments occurred in Morgan’s classroom during her conference period for 45 minutes.
Interview Questions
To begin the interview, the author inquired, “What curriculum do you teach in your classroom?” According to Morgan, “Allen ISD has created its own original curriculum using the state standards” (M. Sedlacek, personal communication, October 16, 2015); therefore, the proprietary curriculum constructed by Allen ISD complies with the Texas…

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