Current Working Structure Of Technolytes Essay examples

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Current working structure of Technolytes
At present in Technolytes, the records are maintained as a manual entry process. A record basically means a document or a physical entity of a particular action performed in an organization which also acts as evidence of that articular activity. For instance
Since Technolytes doesn’t have a web based portal and if a student or a job seeker has any queries regarding a particular job or training related stuff, they will have to approach the management through a phone call or they have to meet them in person. Instead of doing that, we provide a web based access to every end user, so that he/she can access any information needed. This helps the organization save time and also maintain a record of every visitor who visits the website. Record management at Technolytes will be done in a safer manner. It also helps them in marketing their business. The basic workflow at Technolytes is as follows.
• The applicant known as job seeker approaches Technolytes either physically or through a phone call in order to get the basic information.
• Technolytes then provide the application form to the applicant through email or by hand.
• The applicant then fills up the application and has to submit it in person.
• Employees at Technolytes then collect the application forms and review it for further processing.
• If the applicant meets the requirement of Technolytes, only then the employee forwards the application to admin for approval.
• If the admin…

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