Current Treatment And Consideration Of Evidence Base Essay

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Current Treatment and Consideration of Evidence Base: Upon admission, patient was most likely suspected of having ACS (acute coronary syndrome) because of CHD (coronary heart disease) (NICE, 2014c). Troponin T High Sensitivity Test (most likely Elecsys Troponin T high-sensitive test) was carried out to distinguish whether chest pains were because of NSTEMI or unstable angina (NICE, 2014b). This led to diagnosis of unstable angina. His current treatment with regards to drug interactions is okay, except that enoxaparin has a clinically significant interaction with aspirin (2015, p. 1199). This can be discounted for due to his condition, and platelet should be monitored to ensure they do not fall too low.
Patient has a CVD (cardiovascular disease); can be exacerbated by having high cholesterol (could be the cause of his angina). Therefore, atorvastatin 80 mg was initiated for secondary prevention of CV (cardiovascular) events (NICE, 2014a). Current treatment with atorvastatin is okay and follows guidelines. Patient’s risk of future adverse CV events should have been assessed. The results of this test may have shown that his risk of mortality within 6 months was higher than 1.5% (explained by GRACE score) (NICE, 2010). This explains why patient was given clopidogrel. This was stopped for CABG to prevent bleeding during the operation. For early management of unstable angina, giving aspirin is okay as patient has no known drug allergies, and follows guidelines (NICE, 2010).…

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