Essay on Current State Of Issue Of America

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Current State of Issue Currently over 58 million Americans live in regions that are considered primary care shortage areas (Vleet & Paradise, 2015). In Illinois the PCP crisis has been approaching for several years but with 2010 ACA the deficit has increased. This has also caused major issues for those in rural communities where resources and access is even more scarce than in urban communities. Illinois data shows that an additional 1,063 PCP 's will be needed by 2030 which is a 12% increase (Petterson, Cai, Moore, & Bazemore, 2013). That number may not sound alarming, however, add in the statistic that one-half of graduating Illinois residents and fellows are leaving Illinois and the issue at hand becomes a lot more drastic (Association of American Medical Colleges, 2012). Several components are said to be the culprit to this large need in PCP 's: 45% from increased utilization due to aging, 33% due to population growth, and 21% due to a greater number of the population being insured following the ACA (Petterson et al., 2013). Each year more and more Americans will become insured and the deficit of PCP 's will continue to grow. Therefore, NP 's should be considered one part of the solution. Roughly 90% of all graduating NP 's are prepared to provide primary health care and studies show that NP 's and more likely to practice in rural areas (Vleet & Paradise, 2015). Additionally, literature has shown that NP 's outcomes including disease-specific physiologic…

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