Essay on Current Situation Of The Middle Market

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Current Situation
Current Performance Bankers Life and Casualty, Washington National, and Colonial Penn insurance companies are the main branches operating beneath the umbrella company of CNO Financial. CNO Financial displays a superior performance in sales in 2015 as compared to 2014 per a CNO Financial Group press release. Furthermore, company reported revenue of $3.8 billion was an improvement from the previous year growth while having an 11% operating earnings increase (CNO Financial Group, n.d.). Continually improving market share within the middle market is a focus for CNO Financial.
Strategic Posture The mission statement for CNO Financial is for providing “financial security for the life, health, and retirement needs of Middle America” (CNO Financial Group, n.d.). CNO Financial clearly states their intentions for improving middle-income America. Operating from investing and insurance standpoints is how CNO Financial is completing their objective. The company has clearly stated intentions of improving financial security for its customers while implementing reflecting strategies for accomplishing the goal. Having objectives for improving financial security within the middle-income Americans, allow for internal and external environment calmness. The combined peacefulness is due to the outcome of a secured financial future, which completes the internal environment for CNO financial while furnishing the external environment (Mondy, 2016, p. 5). Furthermore,…

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