Essay on Current Practices For A Bedside Handoff Model

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B3b. Research in this area is limited but supports the move from current practices to a bedside handoff model. Most of the studies show current practices to be varied and non-standard. One study found a wide range of handoff styles within one medical center’s 23 wards. These styles varied from group handoffs, some performed by the nurse in charge and some by the nurses caring for the patients. Some wards used a combination of a group handoff followed by individual handoffs. It was noted that these individual handoffs occurred in a wide range of areas including hallways, storage rooms, nurses’ stations, offices and other non-patient care areas (Kerr, Lu, McKinlay & Fuller 2011). These handoff practices also do not encompass the Joint Commission 2012 national patient safety goals which recommend a move towards more patient centered care. One method of which is involving the patient in change of care communication processes. Having the opportunity to visualize the patient during handoff can enhance the verbal data exchange. It provides the opportunity to perform safety checks, confirm correct medication drips are hanging and running correctly and if families are present it can provide the opportunity to involve them in the patient’s care. Tobiano, Chaboyer & McMurray (2012) found that this collaborative approach of involving families in the bedside handover lead to increased satisfaction of all parties involved. They state that “families value the opportunity to…

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