Current Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management Essay

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Current Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

Robyn Alexander
Grand Canyon University: EDU 536
August 14, 2013

I). As one consider their current view of classroom management, I characterize my own style as speedy, energetic, tough love, humanistic, and reasonable in view. I’ve briefly described them as:
a. Speedy: I ‘nip a problem in the bud” as soon as I see early signs of trouble or danger. Speedy interventions are proactive, and help to take care of little issues before they become big ones. For example, if a student blurts out, "I don’t like this assignment because it’s stupid." I don’t tolerate the use of "stupid" as I consider it as them saying ‘whoever created this assignment is stupid”. Even though that probably
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d. Humanistic: My approach is based on humanism. I want students to know that I don’t dislike them when a disciplinary issues; I just do not like their attitudes or appreciate their bad behaviors. Nurturing, caring and loving are concepts that help build relationships and keep down negative behaviors.
e. Reasonable: The last idea of my discipline plan is reasonable. I want students to know that the rules and consequences will be consistent, dealt with accordingly and fairly regardless of gender, academic level, behavioral history, race, class, etc. All students will be reasonably accommodated and liable to the same standards. II) Students are expected to follow my “SLANT” behavior rule; in which is an acronym that stands for sit up, listen, ask questions, note important information, and talk to teacher for understanding. Students are expected to be on time, on task, and on a mission everyday. Students are also expected to do a “do now” problem at the beginning of the class. This allows for student engagement and focus; in which prevents fewer behavioral problems. III) My classroom would look engaging, fun, peaceful, organized, safe, and highly student-centered. The classroom would have computers and high tech calculators to promote higher learning. My classroom would also have desks arranged angled, as working stations to promote cooperation and collaboration with labs, group projects, and other

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