Current Health Issues Of Health Essay

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Current health issues are of great importance in society because there needs to be awareness on issues that are affecting the health of different populations around the world. It is important to know about current health issues so the issues could be addressed in order to keep health issues from spreading, and causing detrimental health effects. Understanding current health issues are also of great importance because it is necessary to learn why the health issues exist, how the issues could be treated to avoid further health damage, and above all to learn how to prevent the health issues from arising and spreading in the first place. Knowing and understanding current health issues plays a critical role in the welfare of all human beings. Knowing and understanding current health issues are also the building blocks that aid Public Health professionals in reducing morbidity and mortality rates. For example, current health issues have urged Public Health professionals and numerous of other groups like researchers, scientists, and doctors to explore health issues and collaborate to find a method of prevention, treatment, or cure. For example, heart attacks are a current health issue. Knowing and understanding heart attacks lead to the findings of identifiable risk factors such as, hypertension, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and obesity. Learning important risk factor information is necessary in order to inform the general public who are not well informed about…

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