Current Head Coach Rob Senderoff Essay

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Nine years ago, Kent State’s men’s basketball roster went 28-7 and to the NCAA tournament with 11 four-year players and two transfers. Current head coach Rob Senderoff was an assistant on that team.

This season just four players — all freshman and sophomores — joined KSU straight out of high school.

Eight are transfers — three from junior colleges, five from four-year schools, including leading scorer Jimmy Hall and returning starter Deon Edwin. While two others spent a year at prep school before entering college.

Since Rob Senderoff became the head coach in 2011, the men’s basketball program — like many in Division I — has gone from a school developing four-year players, to a school the often relies on players for two years at a time.

Senderoff understands that a student athlete choosing a school out of high school and staying for four years is no longer typical.

“It’s becoming less the norm than five years ago and certainly 10 years ago,” Senderoff said. “Those days are less and less prevalent. Now it’s a little different because of the culture of college basketball and maybe of college sports.”

In his five years as head coach, Senderoff has found players looking for a second opportunity to continue their college career. Some were looking for a second chance after problems at their first school, some were looking to move up from junior college, while some were looking for a chance to play for a contender their senior year.

Many of Senderoff’s best players — Chris…

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