Essay on Current Fads : The Pokemon Go Craze

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Current Fads: The Pokémon Go Craze Pokémon Go, a location-based augmented reality game, has been sweeping not only the nation, but the entire globe, since its first release in July of 2016. The game gets players outside catching, training and battling the infamous characters called Pokémon with others players in their area using GPS location devices on smart phones. With an average of 9.5 million daily users here in the United States alone, it’s rare to find a person that is not familiarized with the real-life simulated mobile game. (Wagner, 2016) It is fairly common to see congregations of people engrossed in their phones, hovered around a statue marked as a Pokestop in hopes that they catch the best and strongest Pokémon they can, or children and adults alike running down the street shouting to the people they pass that a rare Charmander is around the corner. Although many have argued that the dependency of smart phones has taken over today’s youth in a negative way, the Pokémon Go application has certainly become a refreshing positive in the sea of negative and detrimental applications out there in today’s mobile phone world. Pokémon Go can be considered a favorable mobile phone application because not only is it fun, but it drives people to get outside and exercise, it forces players to be social, and because Pokestops and Gyms are more often than not located at historical monuments or statues, it is educational as well. Nobody can deny Pokémon Go’s positive impact…

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