Current Event Blogs On Mental Health Clinics Essay examples

1002 Words Jun 11th, 2015 null Page
Classmates’ current event blogs were very interesting to read and discuss this week. As a group, we all found it very interesting to review the various health issues including the local, statewide, and national issues discussed. After discussing other classmates’ topics that group members found interesting, we then focused in on each group member 's individual blogs and shared our ideas on the current events posted. Elizabeth Christy was a participant in this week’s group assignment. Her current event blog was the first to be discussed. He blogs focused on the closure of mental health clinics in Chicago and the reduced access to care for the clients. She discussed the negative impacts the closing of six mental health clinics during a twelve month period in Chicago have had on patients with mental illnesses. As a result of the closure of mental health clinics in the large City of Chicago, a drastic decrease in the number of patients seen in mental health clinics has occurred. Elizabeth also discussed the issue Chicago faces with the shortage of psychiatrists. Regardless of the increased salaries offered the City of Chicago continues to have a difficult time staffing an adequate number of psychiatrists. The shortage contributes to limited access to mental health services for patients with mental illnesses in the Chicago. It is apparent this current event shared by Elizabeth is a health issue that needs to be addressed, in the long run, patients with mental illnesses in the…

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