Current Contemporary Issues Affecting The Security Industry Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to explore current contemporary issues affecting the security industry and the people related to its services which include change management due to globalization relative to risk management and security collaboration. The linking of globalization and security is a consequence of networks of transnational guilds, experts in security, for whom discourses of global (in) security are a resource that enables them to expand their operations and to compete in a transnational field to assess priorities and propose preventive solutions to perceived dangers, even to the detriment of the rime if law, human rights and national sovereignty (Amenta, Nash, & Scott, 2012). How to properly handle these situations requires a leader in the security industry to speak, act, write, and implement solutions about these unforeseen globalization circumstances correctly through risk management combined with security collaboration.
Risk Management Risk Management has become a critical issue as a result of globalization and the continued quest for greater returns (Clarke & Varma, 1999). The risks which are faced every day by security organizations and personnel are changing rapidly. Even before the financial crisis, the pace and scope of globalization and the growing opportunities presented by emerging markets were redefining the strategies and aspirations of many multinational organizations (Hurlimann, 2011). Inevitably, with these opportunities came an expanding…

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