Current Challenges And Current Issues In Health Information Technology

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Introduction Health Information Technology has been a steady growing field for the last five to seven years; especially since the implementation of the HITECH Act and new reforms of the PPACA. Many public and private organizations are utilizing information technology more and more every day to communicate with institutions and organizations in dealings with patients. With the new implementation of the electronic health records many organizations need to be able to serve as the backbone for the patients they are responsible for, by delivering care and payment reform models. This is very essential when health providers need to converse on steps to take or decisions need to be made that will have an effect on a patient’s health or future outcome. …show more content…
People who graduate with an associate degree will be qualified to take the national credentialing examination that is offered by American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Other people who want to pursue higher positions in health care choose to go into a four year program. Once a person graduates from this program they can go into technical and management positions in different phases of health care.
Current Issues in Health Information Technology Some of the current issues relevant to the field of health information technology and medical billing and coding and that will need to be in place by the end of 2014 are as follow: Providers that want to implement Electronic Health Records (EHR) in their organization need to demonstrate meaningful use of EHR otherwise they will see a reduction in their Medicare reimbursements; but if these organizations are able to implement the EHR before the deadline they are eligible to receive a financial incentive. Based on certain standards and policies of communication between different organizations within different states, it is
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Personality traits and skills required in this profession are: to have attention to detail, be cooperative, have integrity, have dependability, have initiative, and be able to work independently. A person also must be able to read work related info; listen to others and ask questions. They must be able to notice a problem and figure out the best ways to solve it. Due to the many years of experience I have as a Human Resource Specialist, I can say that I have acquired a lot of the skills and personality traits required in the medical field of my choice. The one area I may need to focus and work on a bit more is to listen to others instead of interrupting and trying to implement my own opinion beforehand. The career fields I’m interested in, involve using communication and organizational skills to coordinate, supervise, manage or train others in order to accomplish goals. For example, one should be able to understand written sentences and paragraphs related to the job; use logic and reasoning to come up with conclusions in order to approach a problem and identify strong solutions and weak solutions; another skills needed is communicating effectively in writing in order to be able to be understood when conveying information in writing to the intended audience and finally being able to talk to others so they can understand what you are trying

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