The Great Depression In Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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When i was younger, I used to go to the school St. Mary’s, when I was there I felt very lonely because I didn’t have any friends. It was hard for me because I never felt like I belonged there or anyone liked me, but later on a grew to make a couple of friends and that changed my perspective on the school. After I made a couple of friends I felt more comfortable walking in through the front doors of that school. this book Of MIce and Men By: John Steinbeck. this book happened in the great depression. The great depression was a hard time on many of the people, and caused to have too many people and not enough jobs. in the book of mice and men a huge piece of this book is the fact that a lot of the characters are lonely. Curley’s wife is lonely, …show more content…
He is very lonely, always with his dog, never talking to anyone. He is always talking to his dog, is always trying to talk to people, but no one wants to talk to him. Candy is one of those characters that doesn’t get mentioned very often, but it 's clear to see that Candy is lonely. ” I’ve been around him so long, i haven’t even noticed how he stunk.” this quote is important, because it shows how much Candy is around his dog. All he does is travel with his dog, play with his dog, and talk to his dog. Not very often do you hear that Candy is talking to anyone, he is just a lonely old man with one hand and a smelly dog. After crooks shot his dog, he felt even lonelier because his best friend was just killed, he felt that he didn’t belong. When Lennie and George told him about their dream farm, without hesitation, Candy was into the plan. It took no convincing, Candy was just in the plan. Candy was never upset about him being lonely, he just resulted in talking to his always listening dog. the main points and characters in the book Of Mice and Men really shows the point about how this farm and the great depression causes everyone to feel lonely and depressed. In this book Curley’s wife, crooks, and candy are all characters that feel that they don’t belong, and they feel that they have no one to talk to. The great depression caused many people to feel depressed and feel lonely. After all of this, these 3 characters caused the most problems in the

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