Curiosity Is An Innate Aspect Of Human Nature Essay

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Curiosity is an innate aspect of human nature. People are constantly trying to understand, assess, and learn. Every scientific discipline stems from this curiosity, and the field of psychology is no exception. However, psychology is less focused on understanding our external world as other sciences are and more focused on understanding ourselves and the people around us. Clinical psychology is a specific branch of psychology which centers around the diagnosis, assessment, evaluation, and treatment of individuals from a psychological and cognitive standpoint (Occupational). Many college students who choose to major in psychology with the goal of becoming a practicing licensed psychologist do so for its high potential pay, the increasing demand for psychologists nationwide, and the immense intrinsic value of helping other people. While these factors make the job desirable, working in the field of psychology is not without its downsides: years of expensive and intensive education and the inherently stressful and emotionally draining work.
The downsides to practicing as a licensed psychologist may be few, but it’s crucial to take them into account when considering the career. Particularly because it requires an intense amount of commitment: about 10 years of it. Unfortunately, not only will it set you back 10 years of your life, but a doctoral degree will also set you back about $100,000 past what you’ve already spent obtaining your bachelor’s and master’s degrees (Banerjee).…

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