Curfews For Minors : An Argument On Juvenile Delinquency And Victimization

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Curfew has always been considered an answer to juvenile delinquency and victimization. The topic of curfews for minors has been around since the 1950’s. Shay Bilchik, the administrator of the Juvenile Justice Department wrote, in 1996, about the rise in crime and as a result cities have been passing curfew ordinance. He mentions throughout the article, the legal challenges, the representatives curfew programs, and then speaks about the few cities where curfews have been beneficial for the community. The ethical argument of the article is stating that curfews in communities continue to assist in the decreasing crime locally. Shay Bilchiks argument on the effectiveness of curfews with minors is persuading, however the article is not only outdated, but constantly mentions the punishments and mainly mentions statistics that only validate his standpoint. The issue for cities recently has been misbehavior minors and victimization. At least 500 cities have placed the law for teenagers under 18. The article reaches out towards parents and pro-curfew supporters. Throughout the article, Bilchick only mentions seven cities, Dallas, Texas, Phoenix,Arizona, Chicago, Illinois, New Orleans, Louisiana, Denver, Colorado, and Jacksonville, Florida. All seven cities show how the law put in place has reduced crime at night. The author of the argument is founder and Director of the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. The bias is clearly…

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