Curfew Laws Essay

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Does Curfew Prevent or Deter Juvenile Crime Teenagers always want to stay out late into the night. Teenagers don’t like rules and they want freedom above anything else. Does this mean that they are all going to commit crime? Of course not! Some political leaders have proposed that “curfew laws” will lower crime and keep kids out of trouble. Teenagers, however, would have a much different opinion. Putting more rules in place merely provides more opportunities for young people to break rules and commit crimes. Curfew laws do not prevent teenage crime and such laws should not be instated; they are wholly ineffective. A curfew is defined as a rule, law, or regulation that requires a person or group of people to stay indoors …show more content…
Parents and law offical think that teens are up to no good so they set curfew to keep them inside at night.
Teeangers are not the only ones who really think curfews be let go. Most of police officials are upset to. Police officers want to be out patrolling the street keep people safe at night. Arresting dangerous people murders and killers doing what they are trained to do. Not babysitting teenagers because they broke curfew. Police officers have dangerous job fighting keeping the city safe against thieves murderers and crooks. Most police officers feel that curfews are a waste of time.
When asked most police officers said curfew is a form of discipline which they don 't think they should enforce. Any discpline or rules teeenagers have to follow should be enforced by their parents. They also feel that curfews are just for parents to have peace of mind. Just knowing that someone else is out watching their teens give parents peace of mind.
Enforcing curfew can cause a bad relationship between teenagers and police officials. Teenager start to get upset with curfew and police officials. They start to rebel against law officials because of curfews. Curfews mostly target youth in west and east oakland also ruins the risk of father harming the already poor relationship between teens and police.(Gammon

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