Cure Violence Is A Violence Prevention Program Essay

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Cure Violence is a violence prevention program that works with communities that have high levels of violence in an effort to address gang violence and reduce retaliatory killings1. This program applies public education, anti-violence slogans “Don’t shoot. I want to grow up.”, conflict mediation and community mobilization activities2. The Cure Violence program is currently active in 25 cities in the United States as well as several international cities3. In New York City, the Cure Violence program was launched in spring 2012. It was originally named "Ceasefire." This program is funded by federal, state, and local foundations and corporations. The program targets young people 15-24 years of age who often acquiesce to the violence and feel powerless to stop it4. The target population are lectured by police and community members about the harmful impacts of their aggressive actions and improved the potential outcomes of additional violent offenses. The Cure Violence NYC program works with community organizations, public hospital system, and the public in high violence neighborhoods5. The main goals of the program are a change of community norms and behavior among the young people at high risk of victimization and perpetration, decrease the number of shootings and homicides, and increase the number of community members who reject violence4.
The Cure Violence NYC program employs violence interrupters and community workers who have encountered violence and have solid relationships…

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