Business Case Study: Cumipa

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Cumipa is the largest cellphone firms in southeastern United States. The company is lo-cated in Henderson, North Carolina which is about 30 minutes from the capital city of Raleigh. The great employees of Cumipa are architects and trendsetters. On a daily basis, the employees associate thousands of customers, organizations, and throughout neighborhoods with high quality products. According to Mahmud & Holeman (2014), “Cell phone usage in the U.S. has ballooned over the past 15 years, from 33.8 million subscribers in 1995 to an estimated 285.6 million in 2010”. Cumipa will succeed regardless of what is predicted in the future or whatever the technol-ogy gods affirm. The main focus of Cumipa is to evolve around its legacy. Cumipa vision is to have cus-tomers inquire about their great achievements. Cumipa is not lot other cellphone firms, the compa-ny can revolutionize their firms in a time of advance modifications. In addition, another proud fea-ture of Cumipa is its group of great affiliated employees. Cumipa focus on composing an assertive effect throughout the city and making a lasting impression on our surroundings. Cumipa involves educated personnel, focus on inspiration and instilled in …show more content…
The great thing about Cumipa Wireless is that it has devoted abundance of money in developing and increasing its overall coverage. Cumipa has over 100,000 motivating employees associated with the compa-ny. Cumipa Wireless troubleshooting staff is very famous for its great all around customer ser-vice. Cumipa is able to keep its employees happy by giving them 80 hours of paid leave on an annual basis. In addition, which is eye opening to new employees; all employees are eligible for quarterly benefits. Lastly, Cumipa employees are given benevolent savings on all Cumipa wire-less

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