Vygotsky Theory: First Child

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Vygotsky Theory “Ashley is a first child, first grandchild, only daughter. She belongs to a one parent family; she lives with her mother. Her mother’s boyfriend, Billy, moved in about six months ago. Ashley never met her father. Her mother is a math teacher of the high school. Billy’s mother is christian. She goes to the only church in town every Sunday morning with her mother and her grand parents. Ashley and her family live in a farm in a small town in Texas with population’s around 1500. Her grandparents, uncles and aunts live in the same road as them. Ashley goes to the school with her neighbors which are her cousins. She is attending to a christian school. She is in the first grade. Ashley used to go to the church preschool center, which was a small child care. This year, she moved to a large school which included elementary and middle school. Ashley is very exited about her school and her new friends. She talks constantly about her school friends. Ashley likes science. She has two teacher in her class, one for science and math and the other one for writing and reading. She really likes her science teacher and talk highly about her.
Ashley is a cat lover and her hobby is horse riding, She started riding classes with Billy. Ashley and her mother are members of ladies club, they are learning about cooking and baking
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She usually has fantasy play. She talks loud during her imaginative play, sometimes she changes her voice. One day Ashley was on the tree house playing with her cousins, she started to screams that sh hurts and she couldn 't move. Billy ran to help her, but she was okay. Billy got mad at her. He shouldn 't be mad at her, because she played the role of injured person! During a play, she used her own desire to show that she is injured, so play actually helped her for self-gratification. She lied down and screamed for help, she used a symbol. She controlled her movement and didn 't move at all. So she did Self-

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