Culture : The Society And Surroundings Of Humans Essay

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Culture refers to the society and surroundings of humans. Cultures change over time and are different around the world. When looking at research over the past decades, it has shown that culture does affect biology. Take our teeth for example, thousands of years ago our back molars were used to consume meat and other raw materials. Today our meat is processed and there is no longer a need for those teeth, and each year hundreds of people get them removed.
“Our brain literally changes its organization and functioning to accommodate the abundance of stimulation forced on it by the modern world”, says Restak (Restak 411). The human brain has changed drastically since the time of Homo sapiens and evolution. UCLA Anthropologist Monica L. Smith claims that the ability to multitask is what makes us human, for animals don’t have this ability. Thousands of years ago, in the time of Homo sapiens, multitasking was not a common ability, if at all. Today it is not likely that you will meet someone who has not done multiple activities at the same time. Over time our brains have altered to adapt to the amount of activities a human does on a daily basis.
Humans adapt to different cultures. Over time the human body adapts to changes such as weather and food. People in other parts of the country and world cannot physically handle certain foods that other cultures have. Not every human can digest foods from restaurants such as McDonalds. In parts of the world eating insects is the norm.…

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