Essay Culture : The Arts And Beliefs Of A Society

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Culture - the arts and beliefs of a society in their way of life. Ethnicity- belonging to a specific social group that shares a common culture, or ethnic traits. Race- a classification of human beings created by Europeans. These are just labels that people created to define others. Then we started to abuse these labels associating it with religion and defining others based on their looks. Discriminating one race just because the other race feels superior. Racism. It 's what we the people created.
Racism is one of the many man-made beliefs a hatred that cannot be easily removed from the mind as it possesses the power to manifest itself. This belief can, and has lasted for generations. Nelson Mandela was a man who spent a lifetime trying to end racism in South Africa. Unfortunately, racism is still there, although the physical segregation has ended, that ugly belief is still present. It shows that racism will be there perhaps throughout human existence.
Consider this; there are 4.4 million people in New Zealand. 71% are Europeans, 14% Maori, 11% Asians, 7.6% Pacific, 1% Middle Eastern, Latin American, African, 28% are Muslims, and 5.4% are undefined. That 's a lot of ethnic groups. So clearly New Zealand is one of the most diverse western countries. However, New Zealand 's census data shows that 10% of New Zealand 's population feels strongly discriminated against their racial background and skin colour. That 's only 343,000 New Zealanders surveyed in the last 12 months and…

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