Essay on Culture, Subculture, And The Interactions

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Culture, Subculture, and the Interactions Throughout the community of Tecumseh, the dominant culture can be represented by the 96% Whites and the subculture would be minorities, such as African Americans (“Tecumseh (city), Michigan”, 2010). With a high percentage of Whites in the community, African Americans and other minority groups are highly underrepresented in Tecumseh, Michigan. The lack of minority members in the community creates conflict when trying to increase community involvement from those who are no represented fully. More norms and events are centered on White members of the Tecumseh community and less ethnically involved events are shown in their weekly involvement. Even though the community of Tecumseh values community involvement, they lack the resources and knowledge to have events/businesses that cater to the needs of minority groups. African Americans and other minority groups must reach out to other communities around Tecumseh, such as Adrian, Michigan, in order to find resources that empower their own community needs.
Power and Privilege Issues The dominant White population of the Tecumseh community has greater power and privilege than those who are represented as the minority group. For the scheduling of events and resources needed, individuals who are considered a part of the White population are more likely to have their voices heard than minority groups. The privilege and power that the dominant group obtains from this community denies the access…

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