Culture Shock : Cultural Shock, Language, Symbols, And Beliefs

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What is culture? Well culture is the knowledge, language,values,customs,and material objects that are passed from person to person and from one generation to the next in a human group or society. During this paper on culture I will highlight times in my life when I experience culture shock. Throughout this paper will focus on four sociological concepts; Culture Shock, Language, Symbols, and Beliefs. Attending a school that taught in Spanish created something I never experienced before. Culture Shock is the disorientation that people feel when they encounter cultures radically different from their own and believed they cannot depend on their own taken-for granted assumptions about life. In the first grade I attended a Spanish immersion program which taught to expose kids to a second language at a young age. We were taught to read, write, and speak the Spanish language. In class we learned everything about the Spanish culture from their food, to holidays. In class the teachers were extremely strict on the rules about having us communicate to one another through Spanish. Everything surrounding me was Spanish even though my first language was English. Because of this, my English skills lacked more than the usual English speaker and caused me to be behind as a student. In public sometimes I would mix the two languages together and it would be hard to explain why I would be speaking in Spanish when I am not Spanish. Unfortunately all of the Spanish I learned at a young age…

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