Essay on Culture Self Reflection Exercise Through Awareness

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After completing the Culture Self Reflection exercise through bringing awareness to the social identity categories I coincide with, I found that my overall social identity does not fit with simply one category. For the social identity categories of Race, Sex, and Religion, I fall under the Targeted Social Group by being a biological Asian woman and a Muslim. For the social identity categories of Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Ability/Disability, I fall under the Privileged Social Group by associating myself as a Gender Conforming Biological Woman, a heterosexual, and as a Temporarily Abled/Bodied person. Lastly, I also fall under the Border Social Group by considering myself as Middle class, and a Young Adult.
Noticing that I do not fall under simply one umbrella of social group, I found myself feeling content that I do not belong to just one group of people in society. By having my social identity being diverse through the varying social groups, I believe that I am better able to form connections with people of various social identities and backgrounds. For example, my Asian race may allow me to form connections with those of the same race due to the fact that we may share similar values and traditions. As the Asian race is not simply one category of people, I can also learn more about the differences that exist among the various Asians who come from a different background than I do.
This exercise impacts my awareness of people who belong to cultures or social groups…

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