Culture Paper : Andy Dulany

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Culture Paper Andy Dulany is a Petty Officer Third Class United States Navy Seabee currently stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. Andy is a friend of mine whom I interviewed because he’s one interesting tough guy. Andy has been in the Navy for almost three years. Andy was assigned to the naval base in Yokosuka, Japan after he finished basic training. Andy’s first impressions of Japan was; it was very crowded, less private in the cities and the people were very friendly and respectful. His first impressions of the naval base was that everyone was very close-knit and everyone knows everyone. Japan celebrates almost every holiday and throws festivals in Tokyo for them, besides a few that every culture separates of course. Among Andy’s favourite festivals are the Curry Festival (food festival), Friendship Day (U.S. Navy opens the base for Japan community) and the Cherry Blossom Festival (flowers and parades) . On base they celebrate the Navy’s birthday, Seabees birthday and the Seabee/Navy Balls. Communication is tricky, Japanese is two languages combined so it’s very difficult to learn. Speaking English, pointing or using hand gestures is the easiest way to communicate with. A lot of people take the precaution of bringing a translator when they go to Tokyo. When Andy goes off base with his friends they usually try new food, explore, go check out festivals happening in Tokyo and go to the bars. “Not being able to speak the language makes it very difficult to enjoy things because it’s…

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