Culture Is Important For The Education Of Students Essay

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I believe culture is important for the education of students. It is a necessity for children to learn the beliefs, values, and customs of different cultures. They have to understand what is normal for them may not be normal in another person’s cultures and vice versa. Culture can affect how one views the world and learns about the world; they may look at it from a different aspect of someone else in another culture. From another person’s viewpoint, the world may consist of only their home or town where only their culture matters. To another person, the world is a much a much larger place and all cultures matter.
My race and ethnicity is African American, and I grew up seeing it as a positive part of myself. I never thought of being black as a negative thing; it was just the shade of my skin. I have abilities in reading, writing, and technological skills. My religion is Christianity; I was raised on that faith and strongly believe it. I use the power of prayer to get myself through rough times. I am of the female sex, but I see myself as androgynous in gender. I have both female specific and male specific ideals and personality traits. I originate from a middle class family. My educational environment was positive. My parents valued education and instilled that value upon me. The education started from the home, so my parents were deeply involved in my education both at home and in school. The neighborhood I grew up and lived in was a quiet, rural area which consisted of…

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