Culture Is A Tool Kit For Survival Essay

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Just as culture is essential for individuals, it is also fundamental for the survival of societies. Culture has been described as “the common denominator that makes the actions of individuals intelligible to the group.” Some system of rule making and enforcing necessarily exists in all societies. What would happen, for example, if all rules and laws in the United States suddenly disappeared? At a basic level, we need rules in order to navigate our bicycles and cars through traffic. At a more abstract level, we need laws to establish and protect our rights.

In order to survive, societies need rules about civility and tolerance. We are not born knowing how to express certain kinds of feelings toward others. When a person shows kindness or hatred toward another individual, some people may say “Well, that’s just human nature” when explaining this behavior. Such a statement is built on the assumption that what we do as human beings is determined by nature(our biological and genetic makeup) rather than nurture (our social environment)—in other words, that our behavior is instinctive.
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According to the sociologist Ann Swidler (1986: 273), culture is a “tool kit of symbols, stories, rituals, and world views, which people may use in varying configurations to solve different kinds of problems.”
Many Americans travel to Japan each year for business related purposes, whether for a corporation or for the Armed Forces, whatever the case, Americans would spend part of their life in Japan. Americans must know that their cultures are different of those in Japan. For example, the family in Japan is considered closer than that compared to families in the United States, and marriages are also different from those in America. Also, certain behaviors that are of everyday use differ between these two

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