Culture Is A Tool For Communication And Without It Culture Essay

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Another aspect of culture is language since it is a tool for communication and without it, culture cannot be transmitted to the next generation. Since I was raised bilingual – I was taught both Arabic and English throughout my schooling and I was taught Urdu and Hindi from the age of 3. Since I had to learn so many languages from a young age it made it harder for me to differentiate one from another, especially between Urdu, Hindi and Arabic. Moreover, I would end up translating from one language to another in my head which in most cases didn’t make sense. I still have a hard time with languages since I was taught British English throughout my schooling which is quite different from American English in terms of phrases, spellings, humor, etc. Finally, globalization alongside with diffusion has modified the cultures all around the world making them more similar to each other than they originally were. There are both advantages and disadvantages to globalization, however, I think with the market integration provided by globalization has been beneficial to me personally. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to travel, talk to my parents over the phone, see them whenever I want, eat my ethnic food in a foreign country, etc. When I first traveled to India, it was back in 2000, India still had its own culture deeply-seated among the people, and for instance, most women wore “sarees” and a “tika” on their forehead showing their marital status. However, when I visited India last…

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