Essay about Culture Is A Part Of All Human Beings

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Culture is a part of all human beings throughout their lives. They are able to be part of one or more cultures and subcultures if that is what makes their individuality. There are different practices in every culture in which we, as an individual, may believe certain things are strange when we are faced with something we are not familiar with, while in that person’s culture it is completely normal. Every culture is differentiated by the different ways a group of individuals live their life. Culture affects the behavior or character of a person, the way they think, their belief system, and the who they chose to spent their life with.
It is not possible to live in a community without embracing a culture. Culture is contributed by the surrounding community and, “is learned by individuals as the result of belonging to some particular group, and it constitutes that part of learned behavior which is shared by others” (Kluckhohn, Clyde 78). Society is able to shape the choices a person makes without confusing the meaning of culture and society. The Hispanic/Latin culture is significantly different than other cultures around the world. Although I was born in the United States, I learned to embrace the Latin culture. My family being born in Central America, “culturalized” me to have their same beliefs, values, language, norms, and many other things.
The “strange in the familiar” is a concept that helps us understand the strange reasons behind a familiar behavior. For example, in the…

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