Culture In The Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages is described as a dreadful period of time that started with little culture. Education and art were not important because surviving became a main priority leaving no room for the other simple pleasures in life. Although this was the case, as the Medieval times progressed culture developed among the people. The cultures and qualities of life for the wealthy was much different than the peasants. Each individual was classified as either wealthy person or peasant from what they ate to what they wore, but whether you were rich or poor, religion was the most significant part of culture in the Middle Ages. One major part of culture in the Middle Ages included food. Although there was a wide variety of food, "what people ate depended …show more content…
People living in Medieval Europe followed Christianity. This religion “had been established in England during the Dark Ages. In the Middle Ages, following the Norman conquest, new stone churches and cathedrals were built. Religious festivals marked an event of religious importance for every month of the year”(“Religious Festivals”). Everyone who lived in Europe during the Middle Ages was Christian since they were born and until they died, their whole life was devoted to the church (“Middle Ages Religion”). What is more, the church had enormous power over the people. Since the Pope told everyone, including the king, what God wanted, then the Pope had more power than anyone (“Religion in the Middle Ages”). In fact, the church was so overpowered that even “ordinary people across Europe had to "tithe" 10 percent of their earnings each year to the church”(“Middle Ages- Fact and Summary”). The cathedrals, which were only found in towns during that time and never in villages, showed the wealth of the church (“Medieval Cathedrals”). Also, people who lived during the Middle Ages were so committed to their religion, they fasted for occasions like Lent and Advent. Sometimes eating meat on certain days of the week and religious holiday evenings were even banned ("Middle Ages Daily Meals"). To sum it up, whether someone were wealthy or common, religion was an important piece of culture which every single person celebrated and cherished throughout Medieval

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