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Culture history My family name is Liu, the fourth largest family name in China, the largest family name in Jiang Xi province. I had asked my father about ancestor, he told me he just know them came to Hu Bei from Jiang Xi several hundred years ago. Jiang Xi is on the right side of Hu Bei, I am not sure the exact reason why they moved, if guess based on the history experience, I think it is about famine or war. Most Chinese ancestor are farmer several hundread years ago, because we were agricultural society. It means most people are very poor. In my country, every family very value the education, if one of their son got number one in the entire country, he will be a magnifico, the whole his family, relatives and neighborhoods would …show more content…
We have a proverb, “ When you want to be a filial son, your parents had already gone.” This Chinese proverb was understood by many famous people, after they parents died, they felt losing something in their heart. Like Bruce Lee. My father has six siblings, four sisters and two brothers. Before my father was born, the family had been bullied in the village. In the Chinese, the family which has more and strong son would be respected. My father told me the bigger brother had told my grandma whether she can birth another son who can protect their family. I think it is a fate of my family, my father is good at fighting, when he was seven years old, any other children in the village were afraid of him. So, after that my family destiny goes up. My mother’s family name is Zhang, the third largest family name in China. The story on my mother’s side is different from my father’s. My maternal grandfather’s family was a host, but Japanese crashed their life, so he had to move to another city, and he start new life from nothing. My maternal grandma had lived in the Shan Dong province, when she was seven years old, Japanese army had occupied her hometown, she also had to escape and move to a new place which no Japanese in there. Although almost all the Chinese were very poor at that time, but people who were living in the city had a better daily life than people were living in the village. My mother has three siblings, one sister and

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