Culture, Emotions And Behavior

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Register to read the introduction… "Culture is an important part of our blueprint for operation within our physical and social worlds. We are an insecure species and culture offers us a reduction of anxiety through its standard rules of thought, emotion and behavior. Culture offers predictability in an often unpredictable world. We see things through a cultural lens that tints, magnifies, shrinks and otherwise shapes our perceptions. Our culture is a mindset that we developed during childhood socialization. The structural integrity, coherency and stability of our personalities are rooted in our culture. It is for these and other reasons that intercultural interactions can cause anxiety and arouses emotions." I can remember an incident very vividly that involved my friend from grade school named Danny Kiomoto; Danny and I are still very good friends to this day. Danny and his family lived in Hawaii for 7 years before coming to the US. Prior to Danny's family going to Hawaii they lived in Japan for 5 years. One day Danny and his mother attended a parents' day meeting at school. I remember the teacher praising Danny for his excellent work but Mrs. Kiomoto started criticizing Danny in front of the whole room, referring to his poor time management skills, his failure to study enough, and tons of other flaws. She didn't stop it until she saw that the teachers as well as everyone else in the room were mystified by what …show more content…
This is not to say that you should run out and choose to live a reckless, carefree life, but rather create one that is peaceful and provides you with a healthy, happy balance overall. Children and adults should be free to express themselves in a manner other than what society has established for us to think or feel. Men should be able to cry without fear of being made fun of. Women should be allowed to express their emotions without being made into an irrational psychopath. I would teach children to be respectful of everyone no matter what their gender or cultural differences are. The world is composed of so many cultures, each offering something unique to this world, whether it is good or bad. We can not diminish the fact that negative issues exist in our world, but we must allow ourselves to be influenced by interactions with other cultures to give us a deeper appreciation for the world we live in. I would want our children to break away from the norms established about gender rules; to fight for a world that is equal in all aspects, whether it is race, gender, etc. The change needs to be made and seems that it can not happen with us so we hope that our children can help promote an understanding that can be socially acceptable with any culture. The various culture and gender barriers need to be broken to try and create some

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