Culture During the 1920s Essay

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AP US History
16 February 2013
1920’s Culture The national American culture during the 1920s was shaped by advertising, entertainment and mass production. People began to realize the impact and importance of advertising on society and that by improving it, the people could learn and become more advanced and want more of the new technological advances. Also, the forms of entertainment changed and improved and people began spending more time and money on these new concepts. Finally, mass production also had a big impact on the culture during the 1920s. All of these things represent the progression of society and technology, as well as the improvement of the quality of living among Americans. First off, advertisement became a major
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Also, the Harlem Renaissance produced a major form of entertainment. The birth of jazz occurred in Harlem and the new music genre encouraged people’s desire to go against what was socially acceptable at the time. Women were also enjoying these new forms of entertainment. Many women went to the bars and drank and smoked. Flappers became known during this decade as well, their short dresses and hair showed how women were just as involved in the changing social standards as men were. All of this shows the looseness beginning to form in the moral behavior of society in America. Lastly, mass production also participated in the societal changes occurring during this time period. Mass production contributed in the growth of cites especially considering the mass production of cars. Henry Ford perfected the assembly line, which largely contributed to the mass production of cars. Cars allowed people to take vacations, and go to diners and motels. The availability and low price of cars was enhanced by how well Henry Ford took advantage of mass production and the assembly line although many people began to get other cars once they were available even if they were not as cheap as Ford’s. Mass production as a whole spurred the growth of cities and allowed people to travel and have more freedom. The 1920s was a time of innovation of technology and the taking advantage of these new technologies, as well as finding a way to spread and sell the new technologies.

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