Essay Culture Describes A People 's Way Of Life

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Culture describes a people’s way of life. Through the whole of attitudes, ethics, ambitions, and practices shared by individuals in a society, people create a community that acts as one. Cultures reflect the moral and ethical beliefs and standards that describe how people should behave and interact with others. Nonetheless, problems occur in communities when a clash of cultures transpires, or when individuals in close contact exhibit varied beliefs. In any community, a multitude of cultures exist within it. When settlers first came to the Americas from Europe, a conflict occurred between the culture that already existed, that of the Natives, and the culture that the settlers wanted to introduce. As in this example, the attempt for transculturation does not usually succeed, and complications arise.
By dissecting the people, places, and actions taken of a variety of cultures, one deciphers how these attributes affect people’s behaviors. From the collision of modernization and traditional Irani beliefs, the clash of cultures between an Ibo tribe and white missionaries, and the difficulties of two Afghan women during the country’s war, individuals faced some hurdles when society’s beliefs clash with their own. Often leading to war or some other conflict, the stubbornness of people or communities to maintain their cultures in full, lead to the additional failure of transculturation. Literature brings these issues to light; starting with Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, to Things…

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