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The two companies had so many differences when it came to the business world, and nobody wanted to give them an opportunity to show why they would be successful.

Merging Bank of America and MBNA could be looked at like a business marriage. They may not see eye-to-eye on everything, but they definitely have one universal goal. The goal of the two companies was to be outstanding and successful, and in order to do that, they had to merge together as one. In most situations, the cultural differences can be sorted out if each side develops a system of give and take. A good rule to follow is to only acquire what you need, and always make available more than what you take. In this merger, the two administrators had to look at what both companies had to offer, and decide on what to include or exclude.

One major concern with the merger of the two companies would be the reaction of the employees. Culture is linked to a major source of resistance to change. As we all know it, with happy employees, there are happier companies within the business world. In this particular situation, the culture clashes were at a minimum, because the management staff cared about what meant the most to employees. Merging companies not only involves financial means, but the merger includes personalities and work ethics as well. The companies that have lacking business practices also have lacking attitudes among the
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