Culture Centered Approach : A Popular Culture Artifact Essay example

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Analysis of the Culture Centered Approach in a
Popular Culture Artifact
Adrian Nabb
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

This paper explores three published journal articles and a media artifact to examine marginalization that occurs in the healthcare setting of today’s society and how the use of the culture centered approach in media can minimize marginalization of communities within the population. The articles indicate that marginalization is an occurrence due to the dominant paradigms of health communication and as a result health inequities exist within the medical system. The analysis of a popular culture artifact in conjunction with research by Dutta (2008) contrasts the differences between this alternative approach and the dominant paradigm. There is substantial evidence pointing to the problem of health disparities and marginalization however the articles also indicated a further need to continue researching these topics. Keywords: health communication, marginalization, culture-centered approach

Analysis of the Culture Centered Approach in a
Popular Culture Artifact The culture centered approach examines the connections between structure, culture, and agency and promotes the implementation of transformative practices in order to challenge dominant communication methods in healthcare that marginalize certain communities of the population. The artifact in this analysis is an ideal example of how this…

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