Culture As A Way Of Life Essay example

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Everyone throughout time in every culture has always wanted three things out of life and that is freedom, prosperity and religious beliefs to live their lives the way they want and not as someone else dictates. That is the link to all cultures from the beginning of time. People define culture as a way of life, such as beliefs, customs, languages, music, food, behaviors and their social interactions with society today.
Material culture refers to the physical objects, resources, and spaces that are available to define their culture. These include homes, businesses, schools, church, telephones, televisions and vehicles. For example, vehicles, without vehicles people could not go to work or school or anywhere but in many other cultures they walk, ride a horse and buggy, bicycles wherever they may go. Many Americans take for granted what they have that other countries do not have the pleasure of having or even know of in their cultures and time. Non-material cultures are referred to the ideals and the beliefs that people have about their culture and others, such as; their religious beliefs, morals, norms, languages, and institutions. For example, there are many other religious beliefs that people believe in. However, they have their own ideas, bibles and gods that other people do not understand the concepts of other people’s beliefs in a culture.
What is subcultural? A subculture is a group of people that have different interest, music types, and views on political…

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